Fish kill under investigation in Hampton

Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources are asking for the public’s help in determining the cause of a fish kill yesterday along Squaw Creek in Hampton.

Yesterday afternoon a local angler reported dead fish in Squaw Creek in East Park in Hampton. The DNR investigated and found that the fish kill extended about 1-point-5 miles upstream through Hampton.

No definitive source of the kill has been identified at this time, though the DNR is continuing to investigate.

Any information or tips from the public with knowledge of a possible cause are requested to contact the DNR’s field office in Mason City at 641-424-40-73.

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104.9, KLMJ-FM, Hampton, Iowa

(641) 456-5656

(641) 456-5655

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98.9, KQCR-FM, Parkersburg, Iowa

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