Senator Chuck Grassley Visits Franklin General Hospital Tuesday

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of New Hartford was in Hampton Tuesday to take a tour of Franklin General Hospital and to meet with employees of the hospital. Some employees expressed their concerns on rural healthcare in north Iowa and Grassley spoke with Radio on the Go News following his visit to talk about how he’s addressing healthcare in rural Iowa and why he visits Iowa’s healthcare systems each year.

"Rural healthcare is such a major problem. You know, we're a rural state for the most part. We're dependent on hospitals, not only for employment, for immediate needs of constituents so they don't have to travel miles and miles to get healthcare. It's a constant fight in Washington to make sure that we have adequate rural health care. So visiting hospitals, maybe three or four out of the 120 we have in Iowa once a year, is one way that I try to keep up on that because I think I have a responsibility to preserve rural health care as much as I can."

Grassley also talked about the 2024 election and why he feels the Republican party has momentum going into this year’s election. 

"We do as of now, and hopefully it continues till November, that we will have President Trump instead of a President Biden because people are upset that he's not securing the border and immigration issues, and then the increased inflation and the mistakes that are made internationally by this president. I think people are irritated about it, and that's why you find polls showing in key states, in some instances, Trump way ahead of Biden and other places, ahead closely, but it seems like today, a good year. And I expect that we will have a victory in November, both a Republican Senate and a Republican president and the House is a little more difficult to predict."

You can find our full interview with Chuck Grassley here: 

Photo: Grassley, left, visits with Franklin General Hospital CEO, Kim Price. 

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