C-G-D Football Reflects on Seniors, Works to Strengthen Brotherhood in Offseason

The Clarion-Goldfield-Dows football team recently held their ground in a challenging season that ended at 3-6 overall, and included a berth into the Class 2A playoffs. 

A big part of the Cowboys perseverance through a tough season was a united group of 12 seniors, including captains Colin Kirstein, Diego Gonzalez, Uli Frias, and Caden Hankins. Head Coach Caleb Vogel says this class of seniors exemplified the concept of brotherhood that the program is striving for, the value of getting in the weight room and were strong role models to future Cowboys.

"It's a huge group of seniors that have done a great job all four years for us," says Vogel. "It's about their brotherhood, camaraderie they had together, the bond that they had shared, I've noticed that more so, than other senior classes. Pretty tight group of seniors and that is what we want. They also are just a hardworking group, every single one of them, in and out of the weight room, they set the bar high in that aspect. They set a huge example for the younger generations to come." 

These 12 seniors helped build the program up from a one-win season in 2020, to back-to-back playoff seasons in 2022 and 2023. The Cowboys established a dynamic rushing attack that produced 1,467 yards and 19 touchdowns. The defense finished with 10 fumble recoveries, which was tied for the fifth most in Class 2A. 

Vogel says a cornerstone of development this offseason is consistency in activity and juniors preparing to take on senior leadership roles.

"If your going to do something, continue to stick with it. If you choose not to be in a sport, well then you need to be consistent within the weight room, that's something big that we're definitely going to have to push. These juniors are now going to be seniors well now you are the leaders of the team, your the big guys of the football team. Start continuing to do the right thing, in and out of the classroom, pick each other up, make sure the younger guys are doing what they are supposed to, is something we will be pushing all offseason." 

The Cowboys are expected to have 31 players returning next season.

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